Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Evolving novel forms

Printed novels in the past have always been outdated by the events that form a background to the story or even the subject itself. Today Lulu prints books by order, even one at a time, thus the writer can update events when they change in the real world.
My book The Prism was written in the early nineties, the story is set in a forseeable, not too distant future in Paris, and the background, which is essential to the story, explains how the world arrived where it does in the book.
This required some creative foresight, today however it is clear that world events as then imagined did not quite take the path as seen in the cristal ball 15 years ago, example: the war in Iraq, Iran, China, or the exansion of the European Union, and of course the Twin Towers. So a little re-writing would have been nice from time to time. Today that rewriting can take place in real time as readers buy books on Lulu, with background events being re-edited from time to time as changes take place, though the fundementals of the story do not.
The title of the book is The Prism and this was chosen because the future can take different paths as seen through a prism. Today real events show how this in fact really takes place, how images reflect differently as we watch them. In spite of this concept being complicated it gives form to a new kind of continuous novel, where parallel paths and parallel worlds can be compared.